Sharing the Stories of Distilling

by Jake Reston

Journey with us through time, dipping into Augustine De Bavay's passion for immaculate spirits and the complexity of fine-tuning the Authentic distilling processes. Share in our origin story reaching back to the 1920s, right here in The Heritage Quarter. 

Bavay Distillery has reclaimed the heritage-listed factory designed by Auguste De Bavay in the 1920s and revived the spirit distillery accompanied with an art-deco styled bar.  Bavay’s was renowned for his process of distilling alcohol from molasses in service of the munitions factories during World War I. While celebrated for his scientific breakthroughs, his greatest pleasures in life were tennis, shooting, cigar smoking and not surprisingly, a good drink. He might have said ‘old sport’ too, but we don’t know for sure.

Auguste De Bavay’s commitment to excellence and precision in his craft of alcohol production has been the inspiration behind our project. Bavay Distillery engages with its rich history by telling taste stories through its range of authentic small-batch spirits that each have their own tale to tell. These stories are inspired by history, from Kings and Queens, to Londoners adopting a near love affair for Gin, to poets enchanted by the ‘forbidden fruit’. An exploration of the essence of The Caribbean, dabbling in hints of flavours, like caramelised molasses, tropical spice blends, delicate aromatics, and smooth citrus blends. Each spirit has a unique flavour profile, and each sip of said spirit is deserving of dancing on your tastebuds.  We honour the origins of distilling as they were 100 years ago. By using a copper pot still and Australia's first pure strain of wild yeast discovered by De Bavay, we pay homage to our pillar of inspiration.

Focused on traditional spirit production, Bavay Distillery’s range of unique spirits include gins, rums, liqueurs and vodka each with unique flavour profiles that reference spirit making traditions from around the world. Bavay will also offer locals the chance to try their hand at blending masterclasses and have custom coopered miniature barrels so that drinkers can age and personalise their own unique blends. Operating from the factory’s original 1920s Stillhouse, the makers behind Bavay Distillery are excited to add yet another chapter to the long and distinguished history of their home and continue sharing in traditional, unique and untold stories of distilling.

So, come and sink into one of our luxury tipples, sip on history and know that each hint of flavour you experience is considered, deliberate and detailed. We have an admirable space, greenery, trickled drop lighting, a copper-top bar, and our Monica. Monica is the centrepiece, a 500ltre Copper Pot Still that rests in the back of the venue, holding a bold statement in its magnificent surroundings. Stay tuned for our cellar door releases and events, we can’t wait to share our cherished venue with you.

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