Marie Poppins
Bavay Forbidden Fruit Gin, Lemongrass + Pepper Dry Vermouth, Campari

Our brighter take on a classic Negroni this drink has a beautiful hue and is surprisingly refreshing.

Nana Collins
Bavay Dry Gin, Banana, Dry Ginger.

This will make you Bananas about a Collins, adding fruity and floral notes to a classic serving.

Spice Trade Sour
Bavay Spice Trade, Curry Leaf Aperol, Lemon, Sugar

A spirit worth its weight
in gold. Traditional spices meet sweet native citrus.

Only A merchant without a palette could ever trade it.

Smoke N Oakum
Bavay Spiced, Smoked Butter, lemon juice and bitters  

Inspired by the dark, spiced gunpowder rums once favoured by pirates, smugglers and villains, this naughty yet nice cocktail delivers a combination of delicious spices that make for a decadent treat, minus the gunpowder.

Balfours Blend
Bavay After Dark, Pedro Jimenez, Bavay Espresso, walnut bitters.

For the coffee lovers, a rich and viscous serving with notes of dark fruit served over ice to slowly dilute.

Umami Daiquari
Bavay White Rum, Lime Juice, Falernum, Wasabi

Umami translates to being the “essence of deliciousness”, this the perfect harmony of modern flavours that bring notes of ginger, lime, and almond to this fresh cocktail. 

Corpse Reviver
Bavay Dry Gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, Lemon, Absinthe.

Espresso Martini 
Bavay Vodka, Bavay Espresso Liqueur, Espresso.

Bavay Dry Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth.

Army & Navy
Bavay Navy Gin, Orgeat, Lemon.

Clover Club
Bavay Dry Gin, Lemon, Raspberries, Whites.

Southside / Southside Rickey
Bavay Dry Gin, Mint, Lime.

Mai Tai 
Bavay Exotic Dark, Bavay Silver, Cointreau, Lime, Orgeat.

Irish Coffee
Bavay After Dark, Coffee, Cream.

Dark and Stormy
Bavay Spice Trade, Ginger Beer and house syrup, Lime. 

Bavay Vodka
Served with London Essence Grapefruit soda and fresh lemon.

7 times distilled and filtered using active carbon and rose quartz, lending a stony, mineral-like smoothness to the palette.

Move over
Vodka, Lime, Soda.

Bavay Dry Gin
Served with fresh Apple, Thyme and Indian tonic.

Classic London dry style gin using 6 botanicals. It is Juniper and pine forward with a sweet front palate and a long a floral after taste. Paired perfectly with a heavy Indian tonic.

Bavay Forbidden Fruit
Served with London Essence Pomelo + Pink Pepper Tonic
and fresh Grapefruit.

The pink pomelo lends a juicy kick to our gin and is as enticing as its name suggests, like all things forbidden.

The botanicals in our Pink Gin perfectly matched with the Tonic.

Bavay Pure Silver
Served with London Essence Roasted Pineapple Soda + Mint

Pure Silver is true to the nature and essence of the Caribbean with its transportive hints of toasted coconut and heavy vanilla. Over Lime juice and Soda.

Bavay Spice Trade
Served with London Essence Ginger Beer and fresh Lime.

A spirit that’s worth its weight in gold.

Bavay Spice Trade, naturally infused spices ofpimento, orange and ginger make for an epic dark and stormy.

Bavay After Dark
Served with fresh Orange and Long Rays Dark Soda.

With every sip comes an appreciation of the liquor’s unique flavour profile of delicately caramelised molasses and aromas. Paired seamlessly with Long Rays Dark Soda.


Tasting, includes 3 Bespoke Spirits accompanied by a Long Rays Tonic or Dark Soda.

Thyme of my Life 
Apple, Elderflower, Lime, Thyme.

Pineapple Toddy 
Pineapple, ginger, lemon, honey.

Cloud Catcher
White Peach+ Jasmine, Vanilla, Soda.

Riva Dei Frati Prosecco

Veuve d'Argent Cuvee
Prestige Blanc
de Blancs Brut

Jansz Premium Non
Vintage Cuvee

Pol Roger Brut
Non Vintage

Bodegas Valdemar
Conde de Valdemar
Rioja Rose

Triennes Rosé IGP

Smith & Hooper
Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

Twin Islands
Sauvignon Blanc

Mt Difficulty
Bannockburn Estate
Sauvignon Blanc

Hill Smith Estate Eden
Valley Chardonnay

Freycinet Chardonnay

Domain William
Fevre Petit Chablis

Palliser Estate
Pencarrow Pinot Noir

Mt Difficulty
Estate Pinot Noir

Langmeil Three
Gardens Shiraz

Grenache Mourvedre
Wirra Wirra Catapult
'Elevated Vineyards'

Langmeil Orphan
Bank Shiraz